Mia and Jay

As a Vancouver Wedding Videography and Photography business, it is best to prepare in advance, but it is never guaranteed that the wedding day will always turn out the way we plan. Everyone is different, and every one of those people interact differently, so filming a wedding is always very intuitive and has to happen gradually as the day unfolds. However, such friendly, outgoing souls such as Mia and Jay make my job feel so easy. What a beautiful wedding this amazing couple had.

Shooting short highlights can be slightly nerve wracking because we try and do everything we can to capture the day as best as possible. Capturing every single family member and friend in the video, and then through editing, making sure every important detail remains in the video!  As usual, we tried to do everything we could to capture their day as perfectly as possible. 

It is quite mind-blowing how much different wedding videos can be to wedding photos. Photographing involves a much different procedure in preparation for the day. Planning out wedding photo poses, looking up the right locations to preparing different lenses. The worst part about videographing a wedding day, other than the excitement of preparing for the edit, is the moment it ends. But we always look forward to the next one! Make our days and don't forget to book your complimentary engagement session!