Genève McNally from Dream Group Planners

Behind the Scenes: Genève McNally

We arrived at the UBC Botanical Gardens on a bright, sunlit morning, the most perfect wedding location that could have been chosen for Melissa and Tim’s special day. At 9am, we met up with the brilliant Genève McNally; owner, and principal planner from Dream Group Planners only to find her on her phone already talking to the bride! From this very moment, we understood just how much of an amazing, hard working, and dedicated wedding planner she is!

It truly is amazing how much unseen work goes into the wedding by the Wedding Planner, until the day of the wedding. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to capture as many moments as we possibly could have of this amazing, organized process. There was not a single moment during this day in which she took even a five minute break. During the cocktail party, when the guests were taking family wedding photos, she was walking around the area making sure every guest was at their happiest. 

Of course, as there are amazing moments during these photoshoots, and then there will be ones such as the moment we realized our lens cap had gone missing. A few days following this wedding, we received an email from Genève saying she had found a lens cap. She really does not let a single thing slip by! 

We are so honoured to have been able to work with Genève. We are very grateful for this experience and we hope she did not mind us following her throughout the day! Congratulations to Melissa and Tim, huge thank you to Genève for this lovely experience. And thank goodness for the lovely catering crew for also preparing snacks for vendors to munch on! What an unforgettable experience this amazing day was!